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As stairs we mean steps we use for going up and down. At buildings stairs connect the different levels.
Stairs can be made by severalfrom different materials, so we have concrete stairs, stone, marble, wood or stairs metal. The metal was mostly iron stairs. Traditional craftsmen have so-called rivet. It was articulated ladders, remarkable metallurgical works, requiring technicians with experience and imagination to know geometry and mathematics. The evolution of technology has given us ilektrosygkolimenes stairs. The ease of construction of ladders ilektrosygkolimenon misunderstood by many young artists and art stopped short of the ladder be handled with the necessary knowledge and ability. Today, few artists have the time, patience and the opportunity to learn the art of ladder.



Stairs indoors - Orthogonal presses


The metal stairs are divided into: architectural skales, like the scales inox Megan, on portable scales, usually scala aluminum folding in scale, usually iron stairs and escalators at the end skales.
Both inox internal staircase and the exterior stairs inox are objects of the seminars offered by Megan its collaborators. Besides the architectural stairs attic is a special piece of seminars Megan.

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