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The aluminum ladders are usually mild stepladders, fixed or folding.
Aluminum ladders use both professionals, mosque, painters, electricians, etc., and individuals for various repairs and maintenance of their home.
Stairs AHF is usually aluminum alloy and special collapsible telescopic ladders out of rope.
The Megan produces only inox architectural stairs and therefore not dealing with household stepladders.




The metal stairway, of course, inox. What other metal except inox can not guarantee the time for the mechanical properties of stainless steel and a staircase, whether it is an internal staircase or ladder outdoors?
The problems of traditional iron iron ladders kept outside the house and the problems of the wooden stairs to invite home from inside the building.

The stainless steel ladders rattle us, it is quiet, clean and bright, have no maturity date, they want little or no maintenance, are strong and eternal.
The inox steel stairs Inox Megan Hellas the stairs of the 21st century and will last remaining alive and shiny, and that your building. And one more thing: It's modular staircases that can be transferred and stored or repositioned at any time. They can also continue or processed.


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