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Megan inox Hellas conducts studies on stainless steel structures such as railings, stairs, canopies, etc., holds a database with hundreds of drawings and video for stainless steel parts to assembly. The stainless steel housing and shops or even stainless steel and large public works fall within the turnover of Megan. The wholesale stainless steel fittings Megan covers the largest amount of sales. The stainless steel professional competing at the retail stainless statistically excel multiples of "do it yourself" customers.


Balcony railing with horn and fittings.



σκαλεςThe inox stairs are distinguished by their minimalist purity. The stairs are the largest stainless steel sculpture of the livingroom. Their mass make them disappear into the light and transparency of these harmonious architectural jewels. As for inox external stairs, they are eternally architectural elements discreetly tailored rate with any aesthetic style. Inox Megan's Stairs gaze with the same ease to the Aegean from the yard of a house of Cyclades islands or from Calatrava's cement steel base bridge.
Our Stairs shape, are divided into circular stairs, semicircular staircase, straight stairs and mixed. The shape of the center of the circular staircase is into axial staircases and spiral staircases.


INOX steel stairways MEGAN

More and more customers compare the cost, the functional and aesthetic benefits that are typical concrete stairway between stairs and inox Megan stairs, and find the relative benefits of our stairs multiples. (See photo). Whether it is domestic or outdoor stairs, the Megan inox stainless steel stairs are the sculptures of the construction.




The stainless steel, INOX, is the most widespread of the few green metals, that's why its use in the beverage industry, food and catering is imposed by law at all developed countries.
Disturbances in digestion, an overview sick, and a long list of diseases such as Alzheimer, Parkinson and other neurological diseases may be due to the so-called toxic metals like lead, aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, etc. . »(Dr. Dim.Tsoukalas



The stainless steel is recycled in its entirety.

Scrap is also used for stainless steel production, which helps the recycling of iron.



INOX is architectural metal with no need of paint or coating. It is known that dyes, paints, solvents, aerosols are largely responsible for environmental problems.



INOX is a pure metal as it appears. Even if for any reason the surface is stained, can be cleaned, not by chemicals, but by mechanical means.



Stainless steel is the metal used in the manufacture of surgical instruments and medical equipment.


INOX AND DAILY healthy meals

The stainless steel has replaced all other metals (iron, silver, copper, aluminum and overlapping them) in the manufacture of kitchen utensils, the forks, spoons, knives, etc. It is the metal we trust for our daily meals!


Stainless steel is a daily, practical companion


Rare modern man may choose an iron spoon sweet, a wooden fork for steak, an aluminum knife to clean up an orange, a bronze or silver knife to cut a fresh lemon.

The clean, strong and healthy inox is always the best option.


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