megan inox


The stainless steel bars of Megan are at the top of the evolutionary step of the barriers. It's the hippest bars of technological, aesthetic and ecological evolution of the structure.


Picture 1: This is the stainless railing at the former Press Center of the Olympic Games 2004.



A material eternal, unchangeable strong as stainless steel, though invented relatively recently, over 100 years ago, associated with copper, brass and iron that have a history of millennia, was able to quickly highlight the beneficial properties and become a more classical metal of the building, the unchanging "gold of the building".

The inox fences are known for their classic minimalist style, this abstract style, which makes both klassikomodern grille, the fashionable bars, so the architects to use them, with full awareness of responsibility at an archaeological site, rails Acropolis, with as much comfort as a modern, futuristic creation, the new Acropolis Museum and the Metro and other projects over time.

Inox railing creates the rare combination of temporal achievements: It is both modern and classic.




Picture 2: Inox balcony railing


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