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The problems of oxidation.

Traditional metal railings, which are iron railings and cast iron (of iron bars), due to the problems of oxidation, which have troubled the architects, engineers and builders, and even food producers (cutlery, crockery ), producers of metal packaging, storage and maintenance (drums, cans, boxes, etc.) and everyone associated with the metal to find a solution against oxidation.


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Attempted solutions to the problems of oxidation and paint.

So, people related to the building were led to galvanized rails and bars with different antioxidant pigments, such as adex, the anodizing etc.
The problems in the iron railings, a common steel bars pressed for the materials will improve the problems of oxidation and paint and so were the brass railings. The brass railings of the houses are oxidized surface only and does not need painting, but has problems with maintenance and preservation of their surface to its original glittering form.


The stainless steel option.


All these, as well as problems, volume, weight, galvanized phenomenon, hardness and ductility, flammability, painting, rehabilitation of injured areas, environmental problems or even waste, came to solve the evolution of chemistry and technology with the invention of metal alloys stainless steel.



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