megan inox


The Megan inox hellas make production and trade of stainless steel products with good character and offers free services they deserve. With its partners have been together yesterday, close to today and tomorrow we will be together.

The project-based Megan.

kagkeloThe Megan inox hellas produces inox fittings, and multilateral agencies that support them. The Megan and partners to tie a common objective: The excellent work of inox. We are project-based. The stainless Our work is tangible proof of our words. And this project is multifaceted. The Megan inox hellas produce plans and studies that will support its partners in the investigation of customer needs and their work.

The Megan inox hellas will assist associates in a clear and complete closure of the job, will deliver the functional and sufficient components of the project will ensure the fastest serve them during the project and the end is near associates, any future need to occur (expansion of the stainless work, maintenance of inox, replacement, repair of an accident or vandalism, etc.)


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