megan inox

Sample book


Click for a sample of the upright grille tube.

Click for a sample of the upright grille blade.

Click for a sample of glass railings without pillar.



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The stainless steel railings and our plans to distinguish a wide range of variations.
In the Samples you can choose the most popular designs railings which do seasonal or situation changes. The Megan inox hellas boasts hundreds of variations plans grille. Plans grille under the column support (tube or blade), grille designs based on plain rails (inox sleepers, glass, acrylic, sheet metal) designs based systems joints (ball, pin, blade, full moon, horn, Ripple , crystals, ropes), railing designs based on the existence or not of stainless steel studs (crystal bars) and then combinations of the above, "telling the number of sine qua.
Despite the many projects of our grille inox railing Megan never removed from the minimalist style and austere dignity, which makes them distinctive, powerful, luxurious and technically perfect.



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