megan inox


The inox railing balconies are the largest family of Megan rails.
The stainless steel balcony railings can be pipes or stanchions blades, should be based on the parapet outside, have a plain (filling) sleepers, sheet metal, acrylic or glass, have inox railing or wood or acrylic and then be crystal clear with no railing and pillar crystals to be anchored on the outside of the parapets.

They have options. Among too many connectors, you can choose to match the functional, aesthetic and economic requirements.


QUALITY 316 L is most suitable for the Balcony railings.

For the balcony railings, and fences ,which usually are not protected and exposed, not only to weather but also to air pollution (acid rain, exhaust fumes) it is good to use quality 316 L stainless and mostly mirror finish, so we'll have the inox with the highest resistance to corrosion and also with mirror finish to close its resources to entrap oxidized materials.

The inox is a lively mix of metals that wants some time maturing. It is an alloy steel, chrome, nickel, molybdenum, which takes time to acquire the properties of stainless steel. Initially, the molecules of steel Spread evenly with other antioxidant molecules and it is natural to many iron particles at the outer layer.

Over time the particles move in the steel inner layer of inox objects and their position taking particles of nickel, chromium, molybdenum, etc. In this process the alloy is stainless inox.

By making this swapping the stainless steel items should be cleaned with cleaners because inox likely to produce samples of oxidation.
Megan accompanies accessories for each project with inox cleaning and necessary instructions.


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