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inox se ploiaThe architect constructions of the last two decades are full of inox works. We can say we live the "culture of stainless steel time".

Modern man applies stainless steel on any area of human expression. Medical instruments, food utensils, architectural ornaments and structures, machinery, furniture, timepieces, jewelry, etc.

The use of inox grow exponentially, as example: Some ships of Greek shipping, the old airport in the Greek Olympic Airways, the former international airport, the renovation of Hilton, etc.



INOX rails on a boat



The inox railings and the inox investments of Metro, Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, many Olympic projects and,on the top, the wise use of stainless steel in the new Acropolis Museum, spread the "stainless steel truth " all over Greece.



MEGAN INOX HELLAS, pioneer and unique in its kind, specializes in inox fittings. More specifically, inox connectors and inox accessories, flanges, plugs, fillets, screws, rods, nuts, etc., are the study subjects, design and production..inox airport
More, Megan scans the market to supply its customers with the most advanced and effective inox cleaners and polishes, and resin anchoring railings, stairs, etc.
Over 1500 connectors, as INOX balusters ready to receive handrail INOX tubes and infill INOX rails with appropriate pads receiving crystals, and hundreds of individual inox items, able to assemble the most unusual inox constructions, are objects of our work ..



Megan inox hellas in major constructions




The Greek stainless, inox greek, unfortunately not supported by Greek blast furnace feedstock production, but the Greek manufacturing stainless steel, both in production inox fittings in stainless steel and architectural works, are thriving and rising.

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