Each of our link, each component, each service plan, studying and ultimately bring to market is to do your work in a technically perfect manner with an excellent technical result with the possibility of aesthetic choices of the client, with excellent , free, support services,

with conscientious proposals designed to save time and money partner to receive and execute a project distinct value in the lowest possible price.

The principles of total quality is the reason for Megan. We do our best today, believing that the quality of our work will be recognized and living and friendly user interface of the future.


We patentiarides. Dozens, certified by the OBI Our patents cover hundreds of our code. The originality of our not only our links, and our services. You do not just sell links railings, stairs, enclosures, stainless steel ladders and general inox constructions. I do virtually all your work. In your place. FREE. Wherever you are.

The codes we are multiplying like rabbits. They pollinate your projects.

Your needs create a growing number of codes generated in October 2006 amounts to 1,200 units. Some of them, and solve your own project. A novel character problem would be semen in the study and creation of new (s) code (s).

The stainless steel of Megan ...

Assembled and disassembled mechanically.
The manufacturer does not use cold adhesives or welding to create irreversible structures, and therefore not reversible error.

All holes in the parts we have metric threaded bolts and our respective metric plugs and not therefore generate reliable mechanical joints.

The inevitable errors of the manufacturer is not fatal, since the manufacturer does not open holes, no cuts false note, no packages (cold or hot) and therefore no grinds, polishes, or finirei.

We have large stock of all the hundreds of codes and we serve you now.

Being the same inventors and manufacturers of contact, we can, usually without much cost to diversify some of our links, creating a novel code to solve the specificity picked your project.

Certify and we guarantee the quality 316 or 304 of your materials.

Prefabricate you design your work to:

1. Do we have an excellent understanding of what you will receive and how to use it.
2. To prevent mistakes and improve our manufacturing aspects.
3. Keep a detailed list of materials we use.
4. We proforma your work to get an accurate costing picture of your project and get to know and economic alternatives, both you and your client.
5. Ease of mounting economic and private lines.
6. Easy replacement or repositioning.


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